Change a Life


One80 Foundation is a dedicated group of field chaplains and volunteers that assist distressed women and children through a program called Change a Life.

In the Change a Life program, women and children will make a 180 degree change from their current situation.

If someone is going through hard times and suffering, we can send out a field chaplain to provide 100 % confidential and one on one communication to assist in making the progressive steps for a new beginning.

ONE80 Foundation will assist with other services below...

Job Placement

One80 Foundation can hire participants within the organization, and refer participants to other work programs and job sites for financial assistance.


Housing is one of the most important factors to stability, keeping focus and staying positive during the process of a full 180 turn around. We do not currently have our own housing as this is a goal for our organization. We will also reach out to other assistance programs to see what else may be available to each applicant.

ONE80 Foundation will assist in any way we can to prevent chronic suffering amongst all women and children.


We can assist by giving grocery gift cards

How to Help

Volunteering: Volunteers are always needed and appreciated to carry out the mission of the organization.

Donating: We accept a variety of donations. We accept clothing, furniture, personal hygiene products, canned or dried foods. Please schedule a pick-up by calling 1-888-802-4727.

◙ We accept all forms of financial donations.


Call Us 1-888-802-4727


Change a Life